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Albrecht Mahr – Experiencing the Spiritual Essence of Systemic Constellation Work (English)

Leer van de grootmeester
Albrecht Mahr Familieopstellingen 2-daagse,
4-5 februari 2017 | Amsterdam

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On February 4th and 5th 2017, the special 2-day training by Albrecht Mahr will take place. Sign up: Inschrijven


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Albrecht Mahr – Experiencing the Spiritual Essence of Systemic Constellation Work (English)

On February 4th and 5th 2017 you are attending the training ‘Experiencing the Spiritual Essence of Systemic Constellation Work’ with Albrecht Mahr. After this training, you wil have deepened your theory and technique, by having learned from the director of the industry, Albrecht Mahr.

What is Albrecht Mahr going to teach me?

  • You will work on reconciliation with parents, ancestors and the current living situation. This will involve negative and traumatic experiences and emotions.
  • You will understand how important it is to deal with the structure of the superego, or inner reviewer, on a conscious level, so you can free yourself from the powerful but yet toxic effects of the superego.
  • You will experience that your knowledge and your technique about systemic work will be refined. The latest development with regards to systemic work made it deeper, more precise and less dramatic. This is why it is more ‘soulful’ and effective.
  • You will get clarity on how illness and health is rooted in the family system. You will gain insight on how, throughout generations, illnesses can be passed on within families. Also, you will learn how you can tap into the positive and supportive forces in the system.

We can summarize the training with the following words: Experiencing the spiritual essence of systemic work, or in other words: the joy of growing adult spiritually.

The training will start Saturday, February the 4th at 9:30am. On this morning Albrecht will introduce his work by making a start by setting down the constellations. The day will be finished at 6:00pm. On Sunday the 5th of February, there will be worked from 9:00am until 5:30pm. The participation fee is 225,-. The training will be at the location of UNLP in Amsterdam. From now on you can sign up for this training.

Do you want to bring forward your issue into the group? That is possible

Albrecht Mahr likes to emphasize that every meaningful subject that you bring up during the training is more than welcome. This also applies to subjects that have to do with couple counselling, symptoms, deseases et cetera. With ‘meaningful’ is meant that the subject is important enough, and within the reach of the client. The latter is particularly important in the case of political issues which is a subject Albrecht Mahr has expert knowledge about.

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Albrecht Mahr

Who can participate?

2 day training


Biography of Albrecht Mahr

albrecht mahr

Albrecht Mahr (1943) started his career as a medical doctor, psychoanalyst en expert in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy. He studied several other methodologies , like body-oriented therapy, lichaamsgerichte therapie, gestalttherapie, hypnotherapy (Milton Erickson), musictherapie en holotropic breathing. From 1987 Albrecht worked together with Bert Hellinger on systemic constellation and became a systemic therapist.

In a systemic way he works together with individuals, couples and groups. Albrecht Mahr also gives supervision to constellations that work with psychosomatics and social institutions. He gives training about family constellations in several countries and wrote articles about working together with Hellinger.

A summary of the work of Albrecht Mahr

  • Albrecht Mahr is the CEO of the Systemic Constellations and Integrative Solutions Institute, Würzburg. Hereby he offers training worldwide for clients and organizes international conferences about systemic aspects, to solve big group conflicts.
  • In between 2008 and 2011 he was the CEO of the International Working Group for Systemic Solutions.
  • Albrecht Mahr is the co-founder of  ISCA – International Systemic Constellations Association.
  • Founder and CEO of IFPC – International Forum Political Constellations. IFPC offers systemic counseling, supervision and therapy for clients of the political field.   
  • Faculty member at the MA Peace Studies Program, University of Innsbruck.
  • Since 2006 Albrecht Mahr teaches systemic work as a means for Conflict Transformation.
  • Faculty member at the IAPI – Institut Africain pour la Psychology Intégrale in Kigali, Rwanda.
  • Since 2008, Albrecht Mahr teaches systemic work in the context of the community based “Guérir les blessures de la vie” (healing the wounds of life) program, which is financed by Coopération Suisse (Swiss governmental institute for development and collaboration).
  • In 2010, during the EU chair “From reactive to preventive diplomacy”, Albrecht Mahr presented about “Prevention of mass human rights infringement by doing political constellations and related treatments”.
  • Since 2014, Albrecht Mahr is member of UNFPA Expert Group on Humanistic Integrative Approaches to Gender Based Violence at the UN, New York.
  • Publications from Albrecht Mahr:
    Multiple texts about theory and practical apllications of systemic work in  German and English systemic magazines.
    Editor of “Konfliktfelder – Wissende Felder. Systemaufstellungen in der Friedens- und Versöhnungsarbeit”
    In 2016 the publication of the book “Von den Illusionen einer unversehrten Kindheit und dem Glück, erwachsen zu sein” was released. This book has not been translated yet.

Who can participate in the training with Albrecht Mahr?

The Training with Albrecht Mahr is suited for everyone who is interested in family constellations. Both for professional development, for example as a trainer or a coach, and for personal development. Learn from the director of the industry and sign up. You are very welcome!


Experiencing the Spiritual Essence of Systemic Constellation Work

Albrecht Mahr has a natural approach, in which the training days are built up spontaneously. The definitive content will eventually arise by itself, after Albrecht Mahr’s introduction of above mentioned topics.

Announcing a detailed structure is not preferred from the perspective of Albrecht Mahr. The big picture is that the following can be expected:

The joy of growing adult spiritually.

There is being talked about the hidden pain that is in the youth years.

Understanding the spiritual essence of systemic work

With systemic work, you bring consciousness to physical, emotional and mental suffering.



The training ‘Experiencing the Spiritual Essence of Systemic Constellation Work’ takes place in Amsterdam. Revaleiland 1 is the address for the UNLP Trainings, which is in the heart of Amsterdam. This new and special building is the location of UNLP since a few years. The roof top terrace is located near the training rooms. This is a pleasant place to be during practice sessions and breaks.



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